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Of the Clear Flush® Kerrison Rongeur

  1. AIM Clear Flush(R) Kerrison Rongeur in action

    AIM Clear Flush(R) Kerrison Rongeur in action

    A patented flushport and internal channels to provide a fluid pathway to flush out infectious bio-burden and biofilm from inside of the rongeur.  Removal of infectious bio-burden prior to sterilization dramatically reduces the risk of microbial endotoxins that are heat-stable surviving the sterilization cycle, thus allowing a contaminated rongeur to be returned to surgery.

  2. Greatly improved steam penetration through the flushport and internal channels during sterilization to permit 100% bacteria kill on every reprocessing cycle.  With conventional and detachable rongeurs, it is difficult to ensure 100% bacteria kill inside of the instrument on every reprocessing cycle.
  3. “Moisture Free” after reprocessing to reduce the risk of waterborne pathogens colonizing inside the instrument after the sterilization cycle.  This minimizes the risk of a surgical infection caused by waterborne pathogens and minimizes the potential for rust to form within the instrument.  With conventional rongeurs (including detachable rongeurs), residual moisture can remain trapped inside the instrument after the sterilization cycle, greatly increasing the risk of a contaminated instrument being returned to surgery.
  4. The exclusive flushport and internal channels provide for improved lubrication of the internal surfaces of the instrument to enhance performance, reduce maintainance and increase the useful life of the instrument.  Over time, conventional rongeurs become difficult to open and close due to the internal build up of bio-burden and the inability to properly lubricate the internal surfaces of the instrument.  Inadequate lubrication leads to significant repair costs and shortens the life of the rongeur.