“Hospital Personnel Must Demand Validated IFUs” – HPN May 2016

The May issue of Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN) has a very powerful piece on the need for validated cleaning IFUs for all of your surgical instruments (http://www.hpnonline.com/inside/2016-05/1605-FastForeward.html). The article is especially important for you and your staff as you constantly strive to ensure clean, sterile, moisture-free instruments for every patient, every time.  According to HPN:

  • To ensure device cleaning, disinfection and sterilization effectiveness, SPD staffers should use VALIDATED IFUs provided by manufacturers.
  • Device manufacturers should provide VALIDATED IFUs to their healthcare organization customers so they know how to clean, disinfect and sterilize products effectively to prevent patient infections from improperly reprocessed devices.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stipulates in its guidelines that device manufacturers validate the design, functionality and end-user operation of the devices they make, including reprocessing instructions (IFUs).

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AIM Clear Flush® Kerrison Cleaning Validation Test

Clear Flush® Kerrison

Clear Flush® Kerrisons….your “Connection” to Clean, Sterile, Moisture-Free Kerrisons for Every Patient, Every Time!

In a laboratory test described as a ‘worst case’ scenario, six AIM Clear Flush® Kerrisons (1mm – 6mm) were inoculated with Artificial Test Soil (ATS) containing hemoglobin, protein, and carbohydrate and allowed to dry for twenty-four (24) hours. The Kerrisons were then placed into a Tempest Washer and 100% of the dried, encrusted test soil was flushed from all six of the world’s only flushable, patented Clear Flush® Kerrisons.

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