Finally, ‘Validated Clean’ Kerrison Rongeurs For Every Patient, Every Time

Surgeons, O.R. nurses, reprocessing personnel, and instrument manufacturers have long known that conventional Kerrison Rongeurs are the dirtiest, most difficult instrument to decontaminate and clean in a neuro-surgical case. Now, with the introduction of the world’s only ‘flushable’ Kerrison Rongeur, and the use of the innovative Tempest Washer, there is no need to disassemble, manually clean, and reassemble the Kerrison for effective reprocessing.

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AIM Clear Flush® Kerrison Cleaning Validation Test

Clear Flush® Kerrison

Clear Flush® Kerrisons….your “Connection” to Clean, Sterile, Moisture-Free Kerrisons for Every Patient, Every Time!

In a laboratory test described as a ‘worst case’ scenario, six AIM Clear Flush® Kerrisons (1mm – 6mm) were inoculated with Artificial Test Soil (ATS) containing hemoglobin, protein, and carbohydrate and allowed to dry for twenty-four (24) hours. The Kerrisons were then placed into a Tempest Washer and 100% of the dried, encrusted test soil was flushed from all six of the world’s only flushable, patented Clear Flush® Kerrisons.

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