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Clear Flush® Kerrison Rongeur

Nelson Labs Report on Clear Flush(R) Kerrison Rongeur

AIM is proud to present the latest advancement in surgical instrument technology, the AIM Clear Flush® Kerrison Rongeur. Now, one of the most difficult instruments to clean is one of the easiest and cleanest!

With its patented design and unique flushport, 99.9998% of all infectious bioburden can be removed from the instrument with a simple flush. This new design allows for increased steam penetration to permit 100% bacteria kill, and is “Moisture Free” after every sterile reprocessing cycle. The Clear Flush® design provides improved internal lubrication ensuring a smoother action and prolonged instrument life.

The AIM Clear Flush® design and cleaning results have been validated by Nelson Laboratories, using AAMI’s protocol. Please see Nelson Summary or view the validation report for more information, or contact AIM at 913-814-8015.

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In a laboratory test described as a ‘worst case’ scenario, six AIM Clear Flush® Kerrisons (1mm – 6mm) were inoculated with Artificial Test Soil (ATS) containing hemoglobin, protein, and carbohydrate and allowed to dry for twenty-four (24) hours. The Kerrisons were then placed into a Tempest Washer and 100% of the dried, encrusted test soil was flushed from all six of the world’s only flushable, patented Clear Flush® Kerrisons.

The twenty-four (24) hour inoculation period was designed to replicate a real world situation from the start of a surgical procedure, the duration of a procedure (up to 14 hours or more for a transplant), transport to decontamination and the eventual start of the cleaning process. No other brand or type of Kerrisons has ever attempted and passed this level of cleaning validation and testing.

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AIM Clear Flush® Kerrison Cleaning Validation Test

Clear Flush® Kerrison

Clear Flush Kerrisons….your “Connection” to Clean, Sterile, Moisture-Free Kerrisons for Every Patient, Every Time!

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Source: NBC Today Show, Feb. 22, 2012